Learn more about Bonito

How is the weather in Bonito?

Bonito is 315 meters above sea level, with a climate characterized by hot and rainy summers (especially from October to March) and dry winters with temperatures that can reach 5°C (41°F), especially between May and August. So do not forget to bring warm clothing in winter and a light sweater for the rest of the year.

The average annual temperature is 25 degrees C (77 degrees F). For more information about the weather forecast for Bonito, please visit Climatempo.

What can I do in Bonito?

The tourist activities in Bonito are based on natural attractions, such as springs and crystalline rivers, waterfalls, caves, forests and a great diversity of fauna and flora. Therefore, Bonito has unique characteristics for the development of ecotourism programs, offering a wide variety of options. There are excursions and attractions suitable for those who enjoy light outdoor activities, but also more radical adventures. For more detailed information about the tours in Bonito, please refer to the specific page on this site.

Walking, swimming in waterfalls, visiting caves, floating in crystal clear rivers (snorkeling), descending rivers in rubber boats, horse riding, diving, biking, almost everything you can do in Bonito, pleasing visitors to the more varied ages and interests. Most important, however, is that well-planned tourism - in which visitors play an important role - has greatly contributed to the development and environmental conservation of this region.

Fauna and Flora: The dominant vegetation is the Cerrado (the Brazilian equivalent of the African Savannah), associated with the Atlantic Forest typical of the Brazilian coast. The Serra da Bodoquena has the largest expanse of preserved forest in the Pantanal Sul. Here you will find a wide variety of wildlife, including species already extinct in other regions of the country. Researchers have listed almost 700 species of birds in this region, including toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, tuiuiús and even the strange udu-de-coroa-azul. In terms of mammals, we can highlight the jaguars, wolves guarás, monkeys, anteaters and capybaras. Not to mention the alligators, the sucuris and the fish like the golden, the painted, the piraputanga. . . However, do not forget that it is not always easy to see these animals during a walk - you have to have patience and a little luck. . .

Organization of the tours: All the tours offered in Bonito must be reserved before through our travel agency, which also provides the obligatory accompaniment of a local tourist guide registered by EMBRATUR. For reasons of environmental preservation, all tourist activities in Bonito have a limit of vacancies.

Remember: all restrictions are set for the benefit of current and future generations of tourists.

What to bring to Bonito?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes trails;
  • Swimsuit;
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen (ask your guide before using these products - in some riding their use is not permitted);
  • Raincoat and light sweater (year-round);
  • Warm clothes (during the winter);
  • Camera and Camcorder;
  • Diver's license, indispensable for those who want to do these activities.